Global Diabetes Walk

The Walk is a global diabetes awareness campaign organised annually in November by the World Diabetes Foundation (WDF). Since 2004, more than 5 million people joined the Global Diabetes Walk to support the prevention of diabetes, one of the largest global public health concerns. Become a Walk organiser and let’s encourage a more active, healthier lifestyle!  

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Join us as we kick off the 20th anniversary of the Global Diabetes Walk with a webinar on 29th May 2024, from 15

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537 million adults live with diabetes worldwide – a number predicted to rise to 783 million by 2045. More than 75% of them live in low- and middle-income countries. We need to spread awareness for diabetes prevention and care, a disease that affects the health of individuals, families, and societies.

Join the global movement for raising diabetes awareness. Get walking!

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The 2024 Walk campaign

We are currently working on the new website and the campaign

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The Walk in numbers

Over the years, the Global Diabetes Walk campaign had significant achievements and memorable moments on its journey to raise diabetes awareness. From our first campaign in 2004 to the countless lives we've touched with our messages, each milestone represents our collective effort in this important cause. Let's take a look at these remarkable highlights.

First Walk campaign


Most countries

89, 2021

First Walk livestreamed on Instagram


Total number of participants

6.5 million

Largest single campaign

Jain Hospitals, Uttar Pradesh, 2019

Lives touched by Walk messages


Global Diabetes Walk By Vida Nueva, Colombia

Global Diabetes Walk 2023 unites 80 countries for a common cause

November marked the 19th Diabetes Awareness Month of the Global Diabetes Walk campaign, and we are thrilled that thousands of people mobilised and inspired others to join the cause

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