Our Code of Conduct

Our aim is to alleviate human suffering related to diabetes and its complications among those least able to withstand the burden of the disease.

  1. We will recognise people with diabetes and related diseases as dignified humans in all our activities and communications.
  2. We will display respect for the culture and values of the communities and countries within which we work.
  3. We will facilitate implementation of the UN Sustainable Development Goals by striving to reduce vulnerability of people served through our grants - addressing basic health needs, promoting equity (in particular gender equity), and fostering sustainable solutions.
  4. We will give support regardless of race, gender or creed of the recipients in the developing world based upon assessment of needs and capabilities to meet these needs.
  5. We will promote local ownership of sustainable initiatives in co-operation with governments, private institutions and civil society.
  6. We will help build and strengthen local capacity to ensure that the recipients, including girls and women, are empowered, as key players in the development process.
  7. We will seek to support and create synergy between both top-down and bottom-up approaches that apply participation and partnership as both a means and a goal.
  8. We will be accountable to both those we seek to assist and those from whom we accept resources.
  9. We will adopt and require our partners to adopt a zero tolerance policy to corruption and bribery.
  10. We will be open and transparent, and report on the impact of our work, and the factors limiting or enhancing that impact.