Fundraising programme

WDF’s fundraising programme allows donors to support diabetes prevention and care projects directly.

Since 2002, donors have supported over 30 life-changing projects in over 30 countries

WDF’s fundraising programme is separate from the Foundation's endowment, giving donors the chance to directly support WDF and its partners. 

Projects selected as fundraisers are often pilot projects or later phases of successful completed projects that meet a clear need and quickly produce results. Some have provided diabetes treatment, monitoring and education to children. Others have strengthened diabetes clinics and created and equipped mobile clinics serving hard-to-reach populations.

Fundraiser 2024, Georgia

2024 fundraiser - Georgia

Through WDF’s 2024 fundraiser project, 1500 children and youth with Type 1 Diabetes (T1D) in Georgia will have the opportunity to engage with their peers, provide mutual support, and feel better integrated in their society

2024 Fundraiser

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